Robert  Trivers


Robert Trivers thinks everything is 'fine' during 4 lectures

Lecture 1: An Evening on Evolutionary Biology An overview covering Feminism Transgender Homose

Lecture 2: Recent Advances in Human Evolutionary Genetics

Lecture 3: The logic and role of deceit and self deceit in human life

Lecture 4: Challenges of teaching evolution in the age of ignorance

At this time (Nov 2016), I am working on a biological theory of honor killings based on the effect of repeated first cousin marriages on degree of relatedness to close relatives. In short, a repeated history of first cousin marriages elevates degrees of relatedness in all directions thereby devaluing the relative value of one's own child, typically daughter. I am also working with others to try to understand the distribution of heterogamety in nature. That is, which sex is XY and which XX. In mammals the male is XY in birds the female is XY.

Unlike other renowned scientists, Robert Trivers has spent time behind bars, drove a getaway car for Huey P. Newton, and founded an armed group in Jamaica to protect gay men from mob violence. Now, in the entertaining tradition of Surely You’re Joking Mr. Feynman, Trivers tells us in his inimitable voice about the inimitable life behind the revolutionary science.

“Who would have guessed that arguably today’s most original thinker in evolutionary theory could possibly have led the extraordinary life Robert Trivers recounts in these pages. We are taken on a wild trip from inspired meditations on the biology of self deception, through a steamy Jamaican underworld, to Black Panthers in California, to frank appraisals of distinguished or over-rated scientists, the whole adding up to a disarmingly frank and utterly unique memoir of a rollercoaster of a life.”

—Richard Dawkins, bestselling author of The Selfish Gene

His most recent book (November 2015) is Wild Life: Adventures of an Evolutionary Biologist (Amazon)

“This memoir is filled with sharp and hilarious observations about the living world, not least a certain species of hairless primate, not least a certain member of that species named Robert Trivers.”—Steven Pinker, author of The Better Angels of Our Nature

“It would not be hyperbole to say that Robert Trivers is one of the most important evolutionary theorists since Charles Darwin. A lust for life doesn’t begin to sum up

a career devoted to truth, courage, and the audacity to think what no one else has thought. If that were not enough, Trivers is witty, clever, and compassionate. This book is destined to become a classic in scientific autobiography.”

—Michael Shermer, Editor Skeptic, columnist Scientific American


Biosocial Research, 2015. 225 pps. $12.99

ISBN 9781938972126

Available as a kindle edition. ASIN: B017L6EHJ0


The Folly of Fools: the Logic of Deceit and Self-deception in Human Life; The Anatomy of a Fraud: Symmetry and Dance; Genes in Conflict: the Biology of Selfish Genetic Elements; Natural Selection and Social Theory: Selected Papers of Robert Trivers; Social Evolution.


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